Shelby, Erica, Carly, and Tobi for Seeking Justice. 2020.


Digital Photo Series.

Created in 2020 for a Fashion Photography course with supervision and direction from instructor Jenny Risher.

What does fashion photography look like when the human bodies are not displaying the products? While a global pandemic occurs and human contact is scarce, I turn to the bodies of the earth. Clothing nature, I study how the wind moves fabric and sun and shadows dance around an implied presence. You do not need a person to present a spirit without the attachment of identity.

Pauline for KindHeart Forms by Ryan Kearny, 2020. Custom painted, one of a kind denim jackets.

Lex, Alexis, Coast, and Thalamus for Karoshi United by Alexandria Jones. Styled by Destiny Spike. Detroit, 2020.

Alexis for Karoshi United by Alexandria Jones, styled by Destiny Spike. Detroit, 2020.

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